This is how we streamline your life

Executive Protection

Keep your mind on the world you manage and we will cover you. We provide low-profile personal protection for dignitaries, executives and family/team units. We travel globally ensuring our clients have their safety and logistics covered with an unsurpassed level of excellence and professionalism. In-depth description here. 

Family Overwatch

Traveling with your family should be relaxing and pleasurable especially when voyaging to unknown places. Having to watch over each member of your family for fear of their safety can make trips stressful. We understand. We provide overwatch for traveling families and children. We discreetly and seamlessly integrate into the family environment and often appear as nannies or family members so your life remains worry free.  

Travel Companion

Being free to travel and explore knowing you are not alone. A travel companion is perfect for travelers who want a helpful friend to explore with. Designed for seniors, children and/or teens, people with travel anxiety or simply a preference for not traveling a alone. 


Providing piece of mind when your young adult travels. Getting out and traveling makes impressionable kids more open minded and curious about the bigger world around them. Sometimes parents don't always have the ability to travel with their children, so we become travel companions and overwatch in their absence. Child consent forms are mandatory and check-in at U.S. Embassies or consulates is ensured upon arrival in any country. 

Risk Assessment

How safe are you and your assets? Is it important for you to know how susceptible your family, business and assets are to theft and intrusion? Having a risk assessment of your home and/or business can open your eyes to vulnerabilities you never knew you had. We live for these challenges and our expertise will help you feel more secure about your life. We come to you.

Travel Concierge

Traveling should be productive and enjoyable. Even when we are not traveling with you, we can ensure your travel details are streamlined, act as your personal base command, so you can focus on more important aspects of your career and family (accompanied and non-accompanied). From all your travel bookings to VIP access for shows and restaurants, we have all your needs covered.  

Seamless Transitions

Wouldn't you prefer to simply glide through airports, hotels and beyond? Our team, along with in-country personnel, will ensure your transitions are seamless leaving you relaxed with more time to focus on what is important in your life. 

Travel Logistics

Some travel details which require multiple moves, diverse locations, any many people can be a daunting task to organize not to mention frustrating if you do not have local knowledge for each location, their laws and procedures. This is what we do best! Just tell us want you need and we will get you there.  

Travel Training

You and your team should travel more efficiently, safely and cohesively - the key to a successful mission or business transaction. We can show you and your group how to communicate, handle unexpected situations and plan ahead. We train the global traveler to include journalists and those working in high-threat areas, on safety issues geared directly to their destination. We come to you. 

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