The cost of peace of mind 
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We feel it is appreciated to have somewhere to start when it comes to organizing a budget, however pricing for each position is based on the level of complexity and care required. This can include the number of travelers, regions, and frequency of movements. Rates can differ (+/-) and will be more refined after an initial consultation and a clear understanding of your needs.

Dedicated logistics/planning - $350 USD* /day

Travel companion - $350 USD* /day

Chaperone/guardian - $500 USD* /day

Security Personnel (each) - $1000 USD* /day

Training - $750 USD* /day

Security Team or security personnel - If you feel you require a security element or team, the requirements are tailored to your personal needs. A consultation for this level of service is required to provide a more accurate estimate. To understand more about this, please see the full description of services here

* All daily rates are plus expenses to include airfare, food and lodging.