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What is a security team and do I need one? 


A team may consist of two to two hundred members although the latter is more often for world leaders visiting foreign countries. Commonly a team consists of 4 to 8 team member who provide overwatch of you and what you care about most - family, colleagues, friends. 

Planning - The team will find out what is most important to you regarding your safety, potential threats and fears and create a plan that provides you the safety bubble you need to be assured. 

Advancing - Often, members of your team will push out, as much as two to three days in advance, and visit a location you intend to visit to ensure the location is secure, determine the threat points and document all access points, nearest hospitals, safety areas as well as determine the normal conditions for the area, people you may come into contact with, etc. They will coordinate all of the logistics ahead of time - things such as hotel, transportation, liaising with airport security/ground crew - so your arrival is seamless and smooth. This portion of care is what streamlines your life so that you can focus on what is most important to you and not be weighed down by daily details.


Overwatch - The team members who remain with you and provide direct overwatch are responsible not only for your safety from harm, but also mitigate potentially embarrassing situations or simplify your daily movements by anticipating issues along your path.

Mitigating potential threats - In the protection world, we have a saying: "If you have to use force, you have already failed." The overall job is to ensure your safety and by perceiving and planning for potential threats and inconveniences, your world becomes seamless.  

An example of some the of the logistics that are a part of the overall care package: 

- Ensuring all the flight, lodging, transportation details are handled ahead of time. 

- Confirming all of your travel documents are good to go. 

- Picking you up from home and traveling to the airport with you. 

- Handling all the airport exchanges such as check-in, baggage, security, and gate arrival. 

- Traveling with you to your destination. 

- Personally accompanying you to your destination (hotel, family...)

- Always appropriately attired and geared for each group and circumstance. Wearing an earbud and a suit on the beach would be a bit odd, wouldn't you say? 

This is a brief overview of what is involved in caring for you and your team. Your group or family will arrive more refreshed, safe, well looked after. Most importantly, you'll be able to focus on your world, not the minutiae that gets in the way. We streamline your life and keep you safe! 

A security team, i.e. executive protection is a group of dedicated individuals who monitor your or your group's movements, habits and travel plans and focus on ensuring everyone's overall safety -  but there is so much more!